Seminar 2005
Leitung: Fred Kofman
  7. und 8. Sept. 2005
  Themen des Seminars
  Unconditional Responsibility – taking effective, dignifying action in the face of all
circumstances, regardless of who or what created them.
  Authentic and Respectful Communication – engaging in constructive dialogues
that honor everybody’s truth, leading to task accomplishment, relationship
building and personal sense of meaning and integrity.
  Conditional and Unconditional Success – transcending fear and worry
(natural in and out-of-control universe) and rooting oneself in confidence and
peace (natural when focusing on one’s own responseability).
  Personal Values and Virtues – finding one’s calling and living in full alignment
with its most ethical expression.
  Emotional Wisdom – managing emotional spaces through skills of awareness,
regulation and expression.
Fred Kofman
, ist Pionier einer integralen und authentischen Unternehmensführung, Gründer und Präsident der international tätigen Axialent Unternehmensberatungsgesellschaft.

„I offer a new perspective for a better functioning in companies by addressing the complexity of the human being. That means that science, interpersonal relations and inner psychological aspects are looked at simultaneously.

The concept of integral business integrates the three major dimensions of existence (objective, subjective and intersubjective) into a coherent whole. Most entrepreneurs or managers look at their job as if it were an iceberg. They only see the visible part above the water line and believe that is the reality. That part represents the figures, facts and the hard data of management science.

But the biggest influences on the economy lie in the depth, below the iceberg’s “water line”. What makes a difference for a business is the personal experience and the interpersonal relations of its conscious human beings. Our consciousness and our individuality is formed by our perception, thoughts, feelings, talents, health, etc. And unless a company deals with those – intangible and thus generally invisible – aspects, it will flounder.“
  Das englischsprachige Seminar war ein weiterführendes Seminar im Anschluss an das Personal Symposium 2005, und fand am 7. und 8. September im KTC (Kommunikations- und Trainings-Center) Königstein statt.